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Lost in a sea of SEO

Hey guys,

Not looking for mentoring or training, just feeling a need to vent a little. Its been over a year now since Ive actually made any sort of money with ads or cpa etc, really starting to feel that seo is not for me.
To be honest quitting is not something I want to do but seem to be incredibly lost these days.

Looking at the top of the serps there seems to be a lot of spam or nonsense with google showing no trend in rankings.

I did try PBNs but invested a lot and got little back from my niches......maybe I need to clear my head and start messing with stuff again.

Anyone here actually having success? Or has anyone managed to get a strategy that works?

Thanks guys


  • The people with working strategies... probably wont be the ones commenting.
  • Yeh I get that they may not comment, for me its a case of I dont believe anything works right now.
    Would love someone to have a look around my stuff and see if its crap or not to be fair
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