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Help! I need training!

I am in desperate need of GSA and Gscraper training!

Can anyone suggest a paid/free training series?

Thank you all!


  • Man, you dont really need to pay for training. There are a tonne of great resources online. Don't let someone charge you on here, theyre just going to regurgitate info you can find on here for free.
  • Can you recommend a good series? I think I need to learn Gscraper first.
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    just go to youtube and type GScraper tutorials. I am sure you will get many tutorials.
  • matt woodward does a pretty basic training video then after that it's all testing

  • Hi

    I also need training. I just joined the forum. I learn things mostly by reading and by you tube, but this gsa stuff is really hard to learn. I think i should not go for gsa, but then what should i do? i need urgently some money stream and no work hard is working, no original content no nothing. plz some one help me with training?/ 
  • shaunshaun
    GSA products are no get rich easy or get rich quick in anyway, shape or form no matter what guru blogs say.

    If you this is the route you want to take be ready for lots of work and testing, also be aware, posting this type of crap invites scammers and people who have never actally ranked to inbox you offering training for $xxx.
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