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Proxy checker options

Howdy @Sven

Since the proxy checker is used in many of your programs, I guess this is a global update request lol.

On "Automatically export working proxies to file", could you add 2 options? 
-1, overwrite the content of the file
-2, add the proxies to what's in the file

If the option exists, and I missed it, please shoot me.



  • SvenSven
    hmm but why should it update the file and not overwrite? The proxies it tests and writes are all active once. If it would not delete the content, it would have a lot outdated proxies in it.
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    In my situation, after I check proxies for anonymity in an instance, I also check them after that to be google search compatible.

    Sometimes the proxies checked in these 2 steps are down for a few hours, and work again a few hours. So if I can gather the ones that are compatible with G. and also anonymous, I can easily check them each 10 minutes for downtime instead of having to check the tons of proxies checked in the first step for anonymity. 

    I first check for anonymity and then for google compatibility because I don't want the ip of that PC to be banned on google and get recaptcha codes, because there are other winautomation jobs running on it that require direct access to google. 

    But I understand your logic, so it's cool if you ain't doing it. Cheers
  • SvenSven
    Well then you can skip this as the google test is only performed when it detects the proxy as being anonymous. Thats part of the script be default (
    ;should this test be performed only if anonymous?
    must be anonymous=1
  • DzilRelDzilRel ____'s Backyard
    Awesome! I did not know that :)
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