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losing project data

edited January 2016 in Bugs
after update to 10.41, 3 out of 5 active projects lost verified urls list, all 3 are with contextual platforms, mainly(article, directory, social bookmark, social network)
other 2 spammy project seems ok now.
anyway I can get back those verified urls? each project has about 10K verified before update to ver 10.41

screenshot here


  • I got the same bug. Just load up previous version and you will be fine. I also "lost" some submited project. but when you go to the project and click to show verified links, it will display you all the data just fine. Can you investigate @Sven ?
  • Same problem here  .Any solution?
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    same here...whats weird is when u starting running the job they come back

    And if you right hand click on an old job that shows zero verified links...But had say 20k...It will show them....
  • They actually come back but verification become pretty much inesistent.
  • Confirming same problem. The good news is, the links are still there if we Show URLs => Verified. I have created and sent bug report, I'm sure @sven will get back to us with fixes soon
  • SvenSven
    found the problem...just a display bug but fixing in a second sorry
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