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Want to Buy GSA


I am looking to buy GSA but I am confused on how much I have to spend in total ? As I have seen different people suggesting to Buy Proxies, Captcha  breaker etc with GSA.

Please tell me if these tools are important to make GSA work properly then how much in total I have to spend to get working GSA ?

OR I can use and get results with GSA without buying these tools.



  • SvenSven
    GSA is the company and not for sale. Anyway I guess you mean the software GSA Search Engine Ranker. ;)

    This is for sale and the end price with all the addons depends highly on your needs.
    I would suggest you to buy Caspthca Breaker at least which will reduce costs for captcha services. And I also suggest you to use proxies. For indexing services or our software GSA SEO Indexer (just 20 USD) you should decide yourself if it's important for you to see the URLs indexed fast or over time.

  • @malikmati

    I would probably pass on the indexer, all of GSA's products are awesome, I just haven't found GSA SEO Indexer particularily effective.
  • SharmaSharma Paskintan
    Sven . How can I buy GSA Search Engine Ranker?
  • SvenSven
    edited January 2016
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