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Can anyone teach me how to use the footprint studio for getting Article footprint suggestions from all the article engines? Is there a fast way, like when identifying, to use a predefined selection?


PS: The target is not only the Article section. This is just an example. I need to do that for several sections.


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    The first like 10 links are all relevant. You've been here long enough you should know how to search for stuff..,

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    Thanks for nothing, I am not looking for that topic, so your search is irrelevant. I am talking of a specific subject.

    And I have searched for the topic. I don't know if it's even possible, that's why I asked.

    Let me be more specific. I want to use the "Footprint Studio", which is a part of GSA SER ( Ser comes from Search Engine Ranker ), to find new footprints for, let's say, all URL shorteners engines, or all Article engines. 

    So for that, I am asking if it's possible, therefore I used "Is there a fast way", to load all engines from URL shorteners ( just an example ) in Footprint Studio, add a url sample for each, and let it suggest me new possible footprints.

    I already searched google for new footprints on the topics I am interested, but I want more. And a tool created for this will most probably do the job better than me, which I am a mere mortal ( who knows how to use Google by the way ).

    So, the question remains.

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    @s4nt0s made a video for this

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    Watching it now thanks. 

    Edit: So the answer is no, you can't load multiple engines from a section like Articles, or URL shorteners. You have to do it step by step :)
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    Yes, else SER would not know what footprint belongs to what engine.
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    Thanks, it's a very useful tool anyway.
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    I've been improving article engines' footprints lately and found that many engines only have a handful of sites. Some sites are hacked, abandoned or were never used after installing a script.

    Some have database or php errors all over the place suggesting it's abandoned.

    Most of them have good inurl footprints, however despite finding good inurl footprints many of them are not identified by SER(like some login or registering pages), so engines also need improving.

    And many engines have piss poor submission ratings on my copy. Altocms or freedns for example.

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    Well if you want more quality links and less garbage, try to scrap only the first page/pages of the search engine you scrape. Depends on your approach.
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