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stats settings combined logging

The statusbar statistics are RESET at the end of the day 00:00 (midnight)
it would be nice to have a logging mechanism that logged 

statistics together with important settings at the end of the day right before reset

Projects Active
Project Verify only
Projects Verify email
Projects search only
Private proxies
Public proxies ?
Download failed per minute
Captcha Send
Catpcha Wrong

Max Threads
Html timeouts 
Max Cpu usage
Max Memory usage
Enabled NoneBlock Socks
Captha Breaker enabled
Indexing sites Number
Blacklists enabled
+ other important settings

This way someone might try small changes in settings and see how they might affect the overal statistics 
and ideally one could load the SETTINGS of a specific day if he has messed up the configuration

does it make sense ?
anybody else thinks this might help in tweaking GSA SER ?
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