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Would be fantastic if RankerX could be integrated into GSA Ser

I just watched some videos about RankerX. Great tool but it's not quite plug and play. I know that it's not up to Sven to do this but it would be fantastic if it could be integrated trough Api or something into GSA so we can use all the well known GSA fields. I know there was a serengines Web 2.0 plugin done a few years ago for web 2.0s. I would not mind paying a monthly fee both to RankerX and GSA in order to have this integrated. What do you think guys?


  • shaunshaun
    Not sure what you are asking, I have always though SEREngines was a terrible service with terrible support.

    If you are requesting the ability to pull your URLs direct from RX into SER then its a waste of time as there needs to be a step in between those two stages to make sure you are only pulling alive URLs into SER.
  • SEREngines was a bad service from the start. It never worked.
    But RankerX is doing a fantastic job.
    I was thinking at using RankerX just like we used the SEREngines. So we only have to deal with the GSA SER interface. We insert the articles, the email accounts, we select the platforms we like to post to. This info is sent to RankerX trough API. RankerX does its part and the verified ones come to us in the form of verified links just like any other gsa platforms
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    SEREngines and RankerX are 2 completely different things -- u are not comparing apples with apples

    If you want to compare RankerX with something then it would be FCS Networker
    FCS Networker has api integration with GSA ser  so u can feed the links directely into your project.

    Been using FCS networker for about a year but i have stopped last month as i am not satisfied with the results and it is getting buggy. Been looking at Ranker X and i might move over end of this month.
  • @royalmice I tried FCS 12-18 months ago and didn't like it, too buggy and slow. TBH Ranker X is slicker but if you have loads of keywords/URLs like I do, it feels slow and tedious. The success rate isn't that great (in my experience but I'm still learning it). A little like Senuke XCR in the diagram way, which is cool as I could rank big keywords with some special templates I made, but I have yet to have the same success with RX. Needs more effort but for $30-40pm or whatever it is, it's worth it compared to others in my opinion.

    TBH feeding the RX links into GSA is a small, 10 second job. I prefer to keep an eye on my ratios so I don't mind this feeling a little manual.
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