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Trim to root in GSA PI

seodamageseodamage internetzzz
edited January 2016 in GSA Platform Identifier
Hello, i buy GSA Platform Identifier about 2 weaks ago, and it work pretty well.

I have some private soft, xrumer, zenno-poster etc. When i check all my links i have urls like etc.
If i make trim url to root, GSA PI make this:

i have example url and cms is xenforo.
After trim to root it make my url like and, if i check this url in GSA PI again, it tells me dat this is joomla k2.
If it possible to make trim to engine root? Becose i need to have base like:

another words if i trim this url's i will lose many links, becose it will change to just

p.s. where can i read about Deep matching chekbox? Am i right i can only paste raw domains and GSA PI will try to find all cms in each domain?
p.s.2 Have a nice vacation and good profit.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Do you mean you are wanting to do an engine check for sub URL's? 

    Like if URL is 

    You want it to check

    And trim it to the root that is the same engine as the original URL?

    If so, that would require a lot of extra work and slow things down quite a bit so we won't be able to add this right now, but possibly in the future.

    For deep matching its checking the source code of the page more thoroughly. E.G. Musthave/MustNotHave strings in URL are checked in source code too. 
  • seodamageseodamage internetzzz
    When checking url in GSA PI is complete, i simply take all forums for example. After i need to trim the forums to index page(of forum). When i use "tools > trim to root" this feature make all url like just and no forum subfolder so i lose many links. But i need very much to trim to the forum index page so i could parse some data after this for example online, forum subforums, language and many other thing, but i cant becose i got domain main page and it not forum :(
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Yes, I understand what you mean. but when you "trim to root" it trims the URL to the root level so its going to be instead of This is how trim to root works in all tools as far as I know.

    There might be other tools to help you trim the URL's in mass to the forum index page you need, but Pi wasn't designed to do that. 

    We might be able to add a "trim to first page" in a future update in the tools menu.

    I know Scrapebox has some trim URL options but I'm waiting for it to be activated on my server to check exactly what trim options it offers. 

    There's some free online text manipulation tools that might work, but I haven't had time to dig into it: 
  • web4youweb4you store
    Use regx. Only this way will be working

    Notepad++ and REGX filter :-)
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