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Too many Dead Links!!! What are the best settings to get links that stick?

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I have been watching my rankings etc the last few weeks and running reports on my sites and I am finding many of the links I am building are not sticking and that is dangerous as we know that the panda update hit sites with alot of dead links. What ever happens dead links are not going to help my SEO so is a waste of captchas.

Was wondering if there was any tips or settings that I could run to get links that have a higher chance of stick?

any suggestions? 




  • ronron
    edited February 2013

    @jmd_webs - A link either exists or it doesn't. What is a dead link? You can see a dead tomato plant, but how do you see a dead link?

    Blog comments, forum comments and things like that can roll off a page to page 2 and beyond, and not be found at a particular URL address anymore. Or forum/blog owners can remove your profiles/comments.

    Been doing this a very long time and never heard of dead links together with panda. What I have heard of is having your moneysite with a lot of dead links because intralinking within your website shows a lot of 404 errors because you have bad URL paths. And then panda smacks you because you haven't taken care of your site and it is viewed as crap.

  • Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your thought. I haven't felt the effect ranking wise for dead links.

    I found the data in google webmasters under traffic- links to site- and then clicked on more info download the csv.

    I get the impression from the data it's a link that was once recognised by google and now can't be found because it dropped off. Google view those type suspiciously especially as you have alot of them. Because good links would stick and not drop out early.

    Maybe I am just over worrying, thanks for your feedback good to know you been doing it years and not seen it have a bad effect.

    Thanks Ron

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