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[REQUEST] Optins To Sending Link To Indexing service

edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
Hi @Sven,

I like to add a feature request for GSA SER, at the options we have the options to select  couple of indexing service but i like to be separate the indexing service. All link will be sending to the ping list but this is what i request. Options to select GSA SEO Indexer, Paid Service or both.

Why i request for this feature :
1. I want to send all my tier1 link to both GSA SEO indexer and Paid Service
2. but i don't want to send my tier 2, tier 3 and tier4 link to the paid service, i only want them to send to GSA SEO Indexer.
3. By doing this, i will get a maximize the use of my paid indexing service. Cause paid indexing service have a limited link to load depend our package we buy.

I hope you understand what i mean...




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