Solve hard captchas


I know that captcha breaker can solve 80% of captchas but as per my observation, the quality sites add ugly captcha to their system so GSA cant solve them. 

So in my view, if we hire someone to solve captchas manually that captcha breaker cant solve (Using show captcha feature) it can increase the submission to high quality sites. I know it is going to cost money but is it worth doing to hire a human and let the solve GSA captcha to increase speed, accuracy and submission to high quality sites ? 

Looking forward expert view on this. 



  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Or just check out our OCR :). noCaptcha is Google's latest captcha so it's likely to be on newer sites - and we solve it with a decent success rate:
  • SvenSven
    If you mean that solving captchas manually to improve the success rate for further submissions in CB, then I have to say no. It will improve success rate just if you train against new captchas, but thats something I am doing all the time anyway.
    You better invest into a 3rd party captcha service for the hard to solve captchas.
  • @Seven. Yeah i am looking into it to use third party captcha. but i dont want to pay per captcha basis i have team in my office for only $80 Per Month (They can solve captchas 8 hours per day 6 days a week) 

    So i think solving captchas in office is a good option and i'll get 100% success rate. I am using FCSnetwork as my tr-1 links and they captchas of fcsnework sites are very hard to solve via software.

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