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Need help on port scan proxies

I am new to port scan proxies, but really need this as those public proxies are dying extremely fast. There's few questions hope anyone with some knowledge can help: 

1. Where can I find good IP range to scan? Or how can i find these IP range?
2. I've tried to use Add - Proxy Scanner - Find Ranges from Present Proxies but after running the scan, no proxies are found. I tried use both internal proxies (with my own private proxies, 20 of them) or without internal proxies, both return 0 result. Ports used to scan:  8080,1080,60088,3128,8118,3127,3128,8123,81,21271,80,8081,8090,7808,8089,8128,18628,8888,44872,21260,21243,21283


Appreciate if anyone who can give me some guide on this. Thanks!


  • SvenSven
    1. Click Add->Proxy Scanner->Find Ranges from present  Proxies
    This will give you a sorted list of IP Ranges sorted by proxies found on those IPs. Thats the best I can give you. There are of course some forums out there who list that ranges, but you can be sure that every public information will turn to one posting the found proxies as well.

    2. Well then all proxies on those ranges are already in the tool maybe.
  • Thanks for the reply @sven, i will try to find other sources for the IP range to scan. 
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    @Sven is proxy scraper using nmap or some windows version of it/something else to portscan?

    I'm afraid to portscan, because as far as I know, plenty of system administrator will send abuse emails to your host/IP range owners. I know that hetzner complains about port scanning their range.
  • SvenSven
    gsa8mycows I can not use nmap due to licenses they use. However I do use different scan methods almost like that nmap. But what I use doesn't matter, if ISPs are not allowing this, then they will detect everything. So yes, either use a proxy for it or don't do it if you are afraid.
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