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Is greencloud VPS down? Not responding to emails

I have servers with greencloud, I cant login to my client area and I have sent them like 5 emails asking them to reset my pwd for me... Now two of my VPS I cannot login to. The fuck is going on here. Anyone know these guys and can help me resolve this issue? I need to pay my invoices but they arent responding to emails...


  • It really does seem like they shut their doors down and are just letting things stop. No emails.. no responses to tickets.. Nothing. The fuck is happening?
  • shaunshaun
    I'm with Greencloud and my server is fine. Maybe it is an automated system that locked you out if you have to pay for your VPS' and they have short staff because of the holidays.
  • edited December 2015
    I emailed them a tonne of times trying to get my pwd reset, they havent responded yet. Ive sent so many emails and tried pwd reset a tonne. Im hoping you are right because I really dont want to have to switch all my stuff over.

    Can you see if password reset works for you?
  • I tried to reset my password and I received the email to do it.  I didn't change the password however.
  • I dont get the pwd reset email... why is that? Thats really weird...
  • Apparently their ticket and pwd functions are broken. they responded via fb.
    Maybe there are some issues with your email system. Our support tickets & emails are working all the time.
  • Okay, the issue was resolved. Had to do with my email system most likely...
  • cant connect to my greencloud dedi $68 -_-
  • @squidol

    It could be your pwd expired
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