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Can't Go On DBC Website While CB Is Running

edited January 2013 in Bugs
I noticed that while CB is running, I can't go on the Death By Captcha website. For over a week I thought their website was down and having issues, and I even wrote them and they didn't respond. I thought I was banned or something because the website would just be white and blank, with one "coded" type sentence in it that had the word "banned" in it.

Well, I happened to try to go on their site one time and got through and just happened to noticed CB was off. So I tested it out and confirmed that while CB was running, I have no access to the DBC site.

Have any of you noticed that as well?


  • if you have captcha breaker set to emulate DeathbyCaptcha or any other provider you will not be able to "browse" their website cause CB has modified your host file on your computer to make sure all the traffic (images/captchas) go to captcha breaker and not DBC (or any other captcha service you have checked)
  • SvenSven
    Well accessing the website should still be possible as the only dns that has to be redirected is api.* .I will change this in upcoming version.
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