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What is the best option i can select in the software for quick traffic for lead generation ?

Hello Experts,

I am beginner and require your experts advice for GSA search engine ranking software.

There are basic following question where i am confused.

1. What is the best option i can select in the software for quick traffic for lead generation ?

2. Is there anything i have to do precaution for so not decrease ranking in search engine?

3.  As i have checked my one url that keyword position goes down after using ranking software so where i did mistake?

4. As there are too many options to make pyramid links so can you please guide me what are the most inportant options and what are the optional option?

5.  Please help me to run project continue until it finish or certain duration in a day ?

6. As there is proxy option available so for certain country traffic is it better to use proxy or proxy when can i use?

7. to prevent website blocking or other negative for search engine parameter what i have to keep in mind to increase ranking and traffic.

8.  Once project finish with all options so i have to run again for stable ranking or do not need to run again and again?

Waiting for advice please


  • 1. There is no option for traffic generation with SER
    2. Yes. Do not use SER for Tier 1 links.
    3. Too many possible areas to tell you. Again, do not use SER for Tier 1
    4. List, Content, Private Proxies
    5. Upper tiers, it does not matter. Tier 3 can run non stop.
    6. Private Proxy. Always.
    7. Lots of threads here to point you in the right direction.
    8. Tier 2 + 3 should always be running. Tier 1 not. Build a PBN if you want to rank.
    Good luck.
  • Hello Viking.. 

    Thank you very much for your assistance.  I will 100% follow your instructions.

    Well, If you can guide me for the quick traffic would be really helpful to me.  What is the best option to drive mass traffic on my page.

    Waiting for your assistance if you are comfortable.

    Thank you.

  • why do you need 'mass' traffic to your site?
  • To generate Leads. As i have taken projects for the lead generation and i am beginner for the online lead generation.  If traffic does not comes on website so how do i generate leads?
  • ok. just wanted to make sure it wasn't for affiliate type marketing. so, then, seo-ing your site could potentially help, but don't count on it. I would suggest that there are other ways to more effectively get the job done, but that is none of my business. To your original question, by properly building out the link profile to your site, getting the links indexed (very important), you will see an increase in organic traffic. How much depends on the size of your niche. 
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