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Is a home server good enough? 200mb/13mb connection

I don't have access to faster internet :( I can't find any faster upload speeds.

A server would cost me 50$ - 80$ a month, and wouldn't be very powerful.

I could build a home server:

10 Core / 20 Thread Xeon
256GB 950 Pro

With a 200mb down, 13mb up connection, with Windows 2008R2 or Windows 10.

Is this enough? Do I need a faster connection?

I am buying monthly lists and blasting.


  • SvenSven
    sounds good to me.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    For that price you can buy a cheap dedicated server or a nice VPS that has 1 Gbps (or 100 Mbps) network speed. Although, that's a ton of RAM you are getting for that price :o
  • @FitnessRegiment  what you describe as your current option is more than enough. good luck.
  • What current option?
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    edited December 2015
    I'd lease a dedi to keep your home connection usable and safe from possible abuse reports resulting from misconfiguration.

    If you're going to use scrape, scrapebox and ser can use about 10TB/bandwidth a month or more at light use on the same dedi from my observation.
  • I will only be using GSA SER/CB, how much does that use?
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    SER uses about 20Mbit/s on 400 threads for me on a dedi.
  • That's not much, will it slow down my internet much do you think? It would be cheaper to run it on my home internet. What kind of system do you need for it? Does it scale well on multiple cores? or does it like fast cores?

    For example would a 6700K be faster or a 10 - 12 core xeon at 2.1 - 2.4GHz?

    Also does it use a lot of ram? Is 32 more than enough or is 64 better?
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India

    how do you all check the download/upload bandwidth?

    which tool are you using?
  • KaineKaine
    Task manager.
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