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That is happening when using Kontent Machine. Asked support they say that it's not because of KM but GSA SER.

When i duplicate campaign, just data and options, of course i go and clear the urls before adding one yet it is not required as i have all the urls added already when building kontent with KM but it's required from gsa so i put there one or more urls in spintax format.

Now what's happening, regarding having one or more urls, is it pulls random one and puts in under [ANCHOR_COMES_HERE] anchor text at the bottom of the articles.


  • SvenSven
    I guess you see that from the PREVIEW or TEST mode. This is of course just a placeholder which will be filled with the real anchor text once you start the project and the project is submitting to a real URL.
  • Yes it's when i see the preview, test mode. I see in the articles a short standing sentence at the bottom of articles with that anchor text + all the links set up in the KM builder.

    So you wanna say that that is just when you test, preview and wont actually appear when submitted to real URL's, right?
  • SvenSven
    Hmm wait, you have fixed URLs in the article? Why not using the macros %link% here? Thats even offered by Kontent Machine. If the PREVIEW adds a sentence, then because the chosen link is not in the article.

    If you don't want this, then turn the option from "Sentence at bottom" to "None" in  article manager, bt I really suggest you to change your Kontent Machine output,
  • Yes, i have fixed url's inside them.

    Ok it seems that setting "Sentence at bottom" to "None" fixed the issue and now i recall what that was from the tutorials available online.

    In KM there is really nothing to adjust regarding output. All i do there is put URL's and bind keywords.

  • SvenSven
    Im sure there is a way how to put links in articles. And for SER there should even be a template. Anyone else can point him to it please? I do not have KM here to check.
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