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batch article pull

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I have been thinking.  There are so things that SER from a macro perspective that I blows my mind.  Okay can someone help me with this.  I have several projects running all from the same niche.  All of the articles used are built with kontent machine and use %url% and %anchor_text%. 

Is there a way to pull a random article from a folder?  I normally have to add these articles in each project.  It seems there would be a way to handle this. 

Can someone please help me with this if there is a way to do it?  Thank you kindly in advance. 


  • SvenSven
    use %spinfolder-folder% and have a text file there with the content of the article
  • what about the other fields that kontent machine fills automaticlly
  • SvenSven
    you can use macros almost everywhere.
  • okay what I am looking for is the ability to import all the fields from content built from kontent machine.  I need to be able to use macros that will import all the fields
  • Sven what folder does the article go in?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    You can select any folder to place the articles in. (There is a video on this by Santos) but I don't have the URL for this post. 
  • correct me if I am wrong here.  There isn't a way to do what I am saying specifically.  You would have to fill each field with a macro.  When you create your content you would have to put each individual field into a folder of its own and then use the appropriate macro to pull the kontent.  

    Rather than doing what I do now which is tools>import>data field (all fields are filled with the kontent machine).  

    I just want to import a random content file created by kontent machine with out replacing emai,url.  

    I don't think that you can do that.  
  • You have to do it per field. A master macro for all fields is not included in SER yet.
  • yep just noticed this. 
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