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GSA Stops Posting After A While?

jabong82jabong82 United States
So I notice that over the past month or so when I am running projects on GSA that after a while on some projects it will just stop posting.

All of the projects are "Active" and "Highlighted Green", but then eventually the green highlight will go away and then GSA will stop posting to that project even though it's still marked "Active" (see attached screenshot)

Any idea what the issue could be?


  • SvenSven
    do you have any exceptions or problems with "out of memory"?
  • jabong82jabong82 United States
    Hello no I do not believe I have any "out of memory" issues.

    The software just stops posting after a while for some projects which is odd.
  • SvenSven
    This would only happen on a serious issue and in that case you should get an exception box showing a bugreport window. This is replaced with a "Out of memory" warning for that case.
  • I can confirm this is happening with me as well.
  • I have this happening lately as well...
  • SvenSven
    Im debugging it...
  • I went back to 9.46 for the time being it doesn't do this.
  • asap1asap1 United States
    This has been happening since forever.

    GSA just randomly stops for sometime then it eventually starts back up.
  • So weird. Maybe its fixed in x.33
  • "So weird. Maybe its fixed in x.33"

    Nope, it isn't.  Sven said he's working on it, until it is fixed using an older version solves this issue.
  • I think this is happening because the feature "Detect internet connection problems and stop/restart projects." is ticked.  I am unticking it on my setups to see if it helps.
  • surely sven knows best but
    have you checked that you proxies are working 
    and that your search keywords are not exhausted ?
    check to the left of the project name for a warning sign and hover over it for any messages 
  • Exactly same problem happens to me. Could be the "Out of memory issue" as I get that window sometimes. But I use the same settings and number of projects for the last 5-6 months. My link list is cleaned weekly.
    This definetly has to do with GSA using more memory since the last 2-3 versions.
    Maybe @Sven could fix this issues in the next version.
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