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Email Issues

I was running Catchall emails (used in GSA SER) using NameCheap host but know they have suspended my account because of the violation of their TOS,they haven't told me the exact reason.Now i am looking for a solution to this problem,can anyone recommend me a hosting service that is not so much stringent or any other way out?


  • Try amazon EC2
  • gsa8mycowsgsa8mycows
    edited December 2015
    I can set you up on my private mail server.

    Just to be clear, it's a simple server and there's no secondary MX2 server yet as one server has been perfectly fine for me.

    I can provide subdomains and dns records for you to use.

    Or you can use domains and set up an MX record.

    You'll need to tell me which you want to use.

    I can do up to ten catchall subdomain for you at $4/m, that includes me setting up things for you and giving you details to use in ser. I can provide the email details in SER format.

    One inbox will come with 300mb storage.

    However, I'll need to invoice you and right now don't have a site setup for billing/sales.

    My mail server's in France, OVH network.

    You will be able to pay over paypal.

    You can trial/try who has been doing this for long and has got a proper billing system in place.

    Let me know if you want to go ahead.
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