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GSA SER exports verified links partialy.

Hello everyone!

I have a weird problem for one of the projects.

I'm doing everything as usual, to export verified links:


Unfortunately out of over 2k links, the exported list consist of only 1k - half of the links are missing.

If I export urls only - I get all the links.

I'm using the most recent update 10.30, have anyone experienced such a bug? How can I fix this?

Kind regards,



  • SvenSven
    Are you sure it's not a loading issue for your Excel or something? Because it exported fine over here. Maybe also a strange char in the anchors is aborting it for you to see in your viewer.
  • Well, actualy you're right, I've opened the file in notepad++ and I can see all the records. I'm sorry for that, probably it's some character that is causing it to open partialy as you stated.

    I must admit, that I didn't check it, because the file size seemed too small compared to others.

    Thanks and sry for the confusion once again.

    Kind regards,

  • SvenSven
    Would be nice if you report back once you figured out what it was.
  • Well, I deleted following line from the CSV file:

    "2015-11-19 19:46","Ăw_2969194","[Redirect Only]","CodeCanopy URL Shortener","URL Shortener","X","X","",""," [TIER 1]","","2015-12-17 10:52","1","","",""

    which was the last line that was visible in the sheet and after that the sheet opened correctly. 

    Actualy I don't see anything special about this particular line of data as there are many other that have this weird "Ă" char in the url column which substitutes polish diacritic.

    The line, that I've deleted, had data missing, beginning at column "Project" which is also strange.

    I'm using G**gle Sheets and sometimes it has issues with CSV files from Scrapebox also...


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