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Public Proxies exported as proxies.txt.tmp

When I try export public tested proxies in GSA i get file saved as proxies.txt.tmp and when i import these into Scrapebox every 20 minute or so SB freezes and i think it is because of GSA saving working proxies as .tmp file and not as txt file! Is this a bug or are there any settings i can change?



  • SvenSven
    Actually this .tmp file is created while the program is still exporting. It is renamed to the proper .txt one once it finishes. This is done to not provide a file where SER is still writing to.
  • But the point is that this proxy checking would be countinous right! But how can i use the exported live working proxies if they are not saved in a readable format live? Thats the point of being able to export right? Is there a way around this to get them saved just as txt all the time?
  • SvenSven
    what you mean the are not saved in a readable format!? Of course they are saved in a readable format. I really can not follow you.
  • ok readable format is maybe wrong but what i mean saved as a txt file rather than a tmp file countinously. Lets say if I have gsa to export proxies every 20 minutes I have to wait until GSA renames the file from tmp to txt if i want to use these proxies in another software that only reads txt files.
  • SvenSven
    w8...maybe this is a misunderstanding. SER saves the proxies to the tmp file and then renames it to the one you specified. This save+rename should take just a couple of seconds if one second at all.
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