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Remote Desktop & Focus Switching Between Applications - Any Way to Improve?

To be clear this is not a GSA SER problem perse and there's probably nothing to be done about it code-wise because many applications do it - but SER is one application that suffers a lot along with GScraper.

When using RDP to administer to our beloved SER there is often a lot of "interminable" focus switching between Windows until it "settles down" (so to speak) and allows you to focus and use the Window.

GScraper is far worse than SER as far as this issue to be clear - sometimes I spend tens of minutes trying to type in 1 url to filter links with GScraper - so I'm not asking for an SER fix, I'm just asking here because SER is always open and so is GScraper but gScraper has non-existent support. 

I'm just looking any setting that might help stop this focus changing using RDP: I'm assuming it has something to do with widgets refreshing or something.  Does anyone know of any fixes or settings to minimise this issue?  



  • Oh also to add a detail: often the applications will go into "not responding mode and ask if you want to close.  A crash never occurs, just "not responding".
  • Also: obviously this issue is exacerbated by high resource usage as anyone knows - but how do we get back and forth from "adjusting settings" and "80 - 100% average resources being used for days on end"?
  • SvenSven
    hmm this should indeed not happen. SER tries to refresh the application on long operations, trying to get oyu a feedback. It's not something you can change on the system but it has to be done in code.

    Can you describe where you see this?
  • That's surprising ... I mean it's surprising to me that you're surprised ;) because I thought it was an rdp problem.

    It kinda happens a lot eg. if I click options in main window then the options and main window will spend a bit of time doing it.

  • It would be infinitely easier to explain this if I made a short video of the behaviour. 

    Unfortunately I'm restricted to mobile internet for a few days but I will make a video of the behaviour and bump the thread once I have wired internet access again in a few days so I can upload the video.
  • Hi - sorry for the break, I've been facing some challenges with hosts and then Xmas got in the way. I screen capped the behaviour in order that that you may see it @Sven See: Unfortunately I cropped the SER title bar due to identifying details in my license - in case you can't see it the titlebar changes to "(Not Responding)" 1 or 2 seconds after I left-clicked clicked edit. I left click the SER window a few times and it goes to the not responding menu then I choose wait. The end of the video is when the options dialog appears - I'm not surfe if it's related but the SER taskbar button changes to unfocused when then options can be accessed. This behaviour seems "semi-consistent" - instances of this will occur again and again but it doesn't happen all the time. Might be worse with high resource use that I've noticed - but it does happen after a reboot and nothing else running. Although most applications installed on the server do not exhibit this behaviour SER is not the only application that's it happens to. GScraper is very "bad" for this behaviour happening (worse than SER if anything) and it seems to also affect GSA PI, PS and CB to some extent. My pet theory is it's an issue with RDP that exacerbated by high latency as I usually connect to a server half a world away - but I have no idea.
  • edited January 2016
    Ah sorry - video is queued by Vimeo for encoding, it will be available shortly if it isn't already as you read this.

    Also the crazy "almost full screen" flashing doesn't happen when watching the RDP and colours are normal.
  • Also I have no idea why but all the line breaks were removed from my post, no idea why.
  • That looks like something that would happen due to low ram.
  • SvenSven
    I tried to debug this and the only reason for this slowdown/freez must be the size of the project itself. I guess you have imported too much content here. However next version will have this optimized (a bit).
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