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Gsa Captcha breaker is not showing solved captchas

I open up ser ranker then open up captcha breaker , I send captchas to cpatcha breaker but when gss is running captcha breaker show a blank screen like it is not solving captchas. So basically my captcha breaker is open and not solvng or showing captchas from ser ranker


  • SvenSven
    Does TEST from SER work?
  • Never tried that tried opening captcha breaker from ser says start it on your own where button for test
  • SvenSven
    OK then please restart SER as admin.
  • HI seven,

    I'm experiencing the same problem now, just happened to me, but before is fine. I think after updated everything, it act like this.

    restart as admin has been done, but still the same, any advice? thanks
  • edit, its work
  • Wow. The solution open with Admin . It works with me. Thank you very much @sven
  • VMartVMart Natural SEO

    Where I find ?
     "restart SER as admin"
  • SvenSven
    close SER (Search Engine Ranker) and restart it as admin with right click on the icon->run as admin
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