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Problems to export in GSA Proxy Scraper

I am exporting files to use with Scrapebox and Traffic Travis and I tried all formats offered but they do not seem to recognize it. Is there something else I should do to the file that's being exported? I just get stuff like this in a text file:




  • SvenSven
    I can imagine that this format is something noone can handle (except GSA tools). You should export in format Text (host:port:login:password)
  • When I export like you said, the file I get is like this. Is this supposed to be okay?

  • I mean, I don't see any passwords there, but the program is asking me for
  • SvenSven
    most proxies in PS are without any login/password. That logina nd password is only added if present so yes, this will get imported into almost every program.
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