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SEMI to Full Private Proxies

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I just started using proxies about 3 weeks ago. Bought 10 semis, loaded some projects, done..

I like the results.

Have any of you done some testings if like 20 Semi are as good as 10 Privates? Or 20 Privates are 4x better than Semis? Or 20 Semis are nearly as good als 20 Private but cheaper?

Or any experience?


  • I've been using 10 semi-private for a while now from They get refreshed every month.
  • I've used private and semi, and found no real difference in performance.
  • thanks for the input.
  • I used to use 20 shared and moved to 10 private and my performance seemed to improve.  No statistical data to back that up though.

    My logic is that If you used shared then the other people could be pounding the proxies which can lead to temp search engine bans. Now If I have a temp ban I know its something I am doing and can tweak GSA accordingly.
  • The question is and I can't ever seem to get this answer is what is a good proxy thread ratio. 
  • I am currently operating 10 proxies and running 150 threads.  I sometimes find that CS can't cope and continually locks up so I will then lower my threads to 70 -100
  • how are you guys doing with 10 semis from buyproxies, what are your lpm, sub/verif ratio.?
  • thats hard to tell and wont help you rodol knowitn others LPM / verify.........

  • well I now have 10 semi and 10 private..

    response is nearly the same ........
    I cant see or meassure any difference...

    what else can I track or test?
  • I dunno proxies are driving me nuts is all I know.  Everytime I hit on something and boost my Link building.  I either get temp banned from PR checking or I get temp banned from searching.   Soo frustrating  NO idea how Lee and others get around it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    The best option would be to have separate proxies for PR checks and posting. I know Sven is aware of this. 

    I also am getting some serious frustration with proxies getting temp banned. 
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