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Drop in VPM after recent update

Anyone else experience this? Someone once warned against blindly updating ser to the latest version and I probably should have heeded that advice. I needed the update disregarding the 'made with gsa url redirect pro line' in the url box of ser so I could upload folders of redirects into ser easily. Well, that update worked beautifully, but my vmp is shot. 
I went from decent vpm to horrible numbers. 
Trouble shooting ideas?



  • Most of the time, its not the recent update that causes that. Unless of course everyone experiences the same thing. That being said, always smart to check out the update info before doing anything.
  • SvenSven
    Hardly any change on the code could cause issues with the latest update. But even then you can still use the previous version linked in the start menu. But till now I haven't heared of any issues.
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