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The Ultimate Guide to PBN Safety – Leave Zero Footprints

When it comes to private blog networks, many people mess it up right from the get-go. This guide goes over the mind-frame that you need to have when you are creating a PBN, the most popular footprints that people forget about, and a real-life example of me setting up a sample PBN site. Enjoy guys!

P.S. If I have missed out on something (there are countless factors at play here, so there's a good chance) do let me know and I will update the post right away.



  • Well nice guide but if you ask me the biggest footprint is using wordpress on every PBN site.
    Stats saying %27 of web powered by Wordpress, and almost all spammers using Wordpress
    you can easily drop %7 of that 27 which makes %20 as wordpress.

    So if your M$ doesn't have any previous backlinks from different CMSs, do NOT use wordpress on all them. Keep in mind that %20 ratio.
  • @derdor I agree with u partly, but only in the cases where you leave patterns in your WP installations. I mean, there are just so many sites using WordPress (even if they are 20%), that's in the million and if you have a PBN of 10 - 20 sites or even more, and all of them are using different versions of WP (some not different maybe), and their plugins do installed do not create any patterns whatsoever, and the themes and everything else just seems too random (as it should), it cannot be regarded as a footprint.

    Regards mate!
  • sir links a lot
  • KaineKaine
    edited December 2015
    I think derdor want says if you use only Wordpress. Like you says 20% of website use wordpress but if you use only Wordpress that do 100% and surely do a footprint.

    Your article is pleasant but I also think you must mix more your PNB.
  • @Kaine Totally agree with you. Mixing it up with other platforms is the perfect situation to be in. Naturally, it will be much safer than having only WP for your PBN sites, but I still think that, at this point, that is not a footprint either, if you follow the rest of the guide to the letter of course.

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