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GSA Proxy Scraper Metrics Scanner Features

I think it would be useful to see these features in Metrics Scanner:

1. Right click to copy url
2. Trustflow/Citation flow ratio filter.
3. Export to csv or excel files



  • SvenSven
    1. done
    2. you can do that pressing Filter->Remove...
    3. when exporting you can choose format in save dialog. The CSV one is readable by excel.
  • THanks for the reply
    2. I meant the ratio of Trustflow divided by Ciationflow
  • SvenSven
    Hmm is that some comman metric/creteria?
  • I use it a lot and I think many people use it.
    Basically, the higher trustflow/citationflow  ratio the better the domain is generally.

    If citationflow is too high and trustflow is too low, the domain is generally spammy.

    Having the ability to filter trustflow/citationflow (or citationflow/trustflow) ratio will make it quicker to filter the domains.

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