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Send Email Multiple Times & Macro Problem - Please Help!

Hey guys, I have two question..
1) I'm using gsa spider to send emails, but after I send the emails I want to send another one to the same email address but for some reason I cant..I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Are the default program settings set to where I can only send one message to the email one time ??? I see a green bar that says (Sent Before), but I want to send another message to these emails.

2) I read the documentation and it says that I can use a macro to rotate between logins for my smpt. Here's a quick quote from the documentation --(You can use the spin syntax in the smtp server field to send emails by a random provider/account.) .. So my question is how do I go about doing this to rotate through my smtp emails while im sending messages??

If anyone can please help me with this, I would glady appreciate it, thanks!


  • SvenSven
    1) options->behavior->at the bottom you have a file where sent emails get saved. Once an email is in that file it is not sent again to it. Click EDIT next to it to modify it and allow sending again.
  • SvenSven
    2) Thats a bit limited. All email must be from same provider and the password must be the same. Then you can use it and use e.g. %email% as macro in the login field. I know it is not the best wa and I was planning to change this a long time ago, just that I didn't had time.
  • no problem, thanks so much, now for the second question. by macro do you mean I can use a macro for the login field.. can you explain a bit in depth about this please?  My emails are all from the same provider and I would like to rotate through them. How can I use a macro for this ?? thanks
  • SvenSven
    the login is usually the full email or just the thing before the @. If it is the full email, use the macro %email% else %emailuser%.
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