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[Feature requests] Automatically remove proxy providers if quality is < X | Automatically add search

1/ On the options -> providers tab I would like an option to ignore ( and optionally delete) providers with quality score less than X%.

If the option is enabled then GSA PS does not scrape any provider pages with a score lower than what the user chooses.  After a week or what have you I have a lot of 100% quality sources, I would like to only use these automatically ;)

2/ On options -> providers tab i would like  to see an option to automatically add queries to the "Use search engines to locate proxy sources" list.

The format of the automatically added query is:

<user string>PORTNUMBER<user string>

The way I want this to work is there is a user defined trigger that automatically adds a search query to the list when we have X number of ports. This info is already collected: tools -> statistics -> ports.

I'm finding this concept hard to explain I'm sorry so i will attempt to convey what I mean by describing what the application does with this enabled and set to 5 for example.

Let's imagine we start with no queries in the "Use search engines to locate proxy sources" list.

The program starts and searches for proxies once and no has 10 x port 80, 6 x port 81 and 1 x port 82 using tools -> stats -> ports.

If option is used then <user string>80<user string> and <user string>81<user string> are added to search queries, the others are not added.

User string can be anything to make searches like "*.*.*.*:PORTNUMBER" +proxy

I hope I explained this so you understand, please ask to clarify if necessary.

Thanks for considering :)


  • SvenSven
    1) I will add this as manual option, no automatic one for now...maybe with popup menu
    2) You can edit your search queries already. I don't understand your <user string> tag. If you click EDIT, you can enter things in a normal way, one per line. I see what you mean with finding good ports that might give a lot results, but this is a one time job. It will not change a lot once configured.
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