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is my SER Database is so BIG?

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Im usually running 120+ AD projects a month.

At first.
I've been deleting site_list-failed, site_list-identified, site_list-success and site_list-verify daily. Then SER wil run smoothly again.

But now , SER stops(not responding) even though all of site list are deleted. 

Please help.


  • from my limited experience I haven't seen an SER database. I have seen a bunch of different project files get created in the /projects  directory and then of course you talked about the site lists.

    I made a little app that detects when ser crashes and shuts it down and restarts it. PM me if you want to test it out.
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    theorbital thanks but I think that wont solve my problem. Even if i restart my SER 10 or 100 times . It will definitely crash.

    I've been having this problem since v4.48 :(
  • uncheck site list failed, and site list identified, those will be your bigger files and they are useless if you just want to spam.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    How big can the global list files get before they start to get too big and slow things down? 

    So for example the general verified blogs list could be around 100mb. I'm not keen to delete it, but surely this is a very big .txt file to load everytime its using the global verified blog list?
  • SvenSven
    Your site lists have nothing to do with this. Must be something else. If you go to the folder with the projects, how big is that? Also what happens if you run just one project at a it also crashing?
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    Sven the size is  1.41 GB

    It wont crash when I run 1 AD project.

    May I ask how to reduce projects size if that's the cause of the problem,
  • SvenSven
    1.41 gb is a lot...what files are so big?
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    Sven It's my OLD clients projects named "sample.com_1.new_targets2" size : 243mb

  • Sven I think all of the NEW_TARGETS2 File has the biggest sized o.O

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    Sven  I moved the big sized NEW_TARGETS2 Files to desktop, and the same problem occurs ..

    the project sized is now 358mb.
  • SvenSven
    the new_targets* files are not a problem. These are the URLs you have imported. They are not loaded completely into memory but only like 1MB and if thats done the next MB.
  • Sven  How can I solve my problem then sir?
  • Please help , it's been a week now since I cant build links :(
  • Try to clear the cache and url of all projects
    right click > modify projects > Delete target url cache and Delete target url history.
  • rodol your a life saver men , It work. I know that function but never thought that its the solution, thanks again :D

    Sven So the problem is my target history and cache? wew , never thought these two would crash SER.
  • SvenSven
    Well as I didn't see any logs from you I don't know if that was the problem here. A clear on history would just make sure you post to sites that have been proceeded in the past but failed to submit to.
  • You're welcome. =)
  • Sven Next time I will send logs. tnx
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