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Adding Fresh Content to excisting project

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Lets say i have created a project a week ago and now i notice the content is not that good.
Can i now:

 Delete the existing content and import new data from Kontent Machine Data files

Keep the excisting content and just import new data from Kontent Machine Data files

Basically i need to know if using the import feature on a existing campaign - will it replace existing data or append it.



  • Replace. Be careful, the default KM template overwrites your url's and email address. It's easy to make a duplicate template and edit out those fields.
  • Have you tried it on a test project?

    My experience has been if I edit project > tools > import > data fields

    than it gets overwritten for the existing project. I then click OK and the new content gets used.

    You can also use the file macros and just replace those files when you want fresh content.

    Hope this helps
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Thank you both very much for the input.
    Not a problem if the urls or emails are overwritten as it wont take a minute to add them back in.

    I will use : Tools \ Autofill \ Kontent Machine \ Import \ and then select all the KM data files.

    Will run a little test later to see if it is ok

    Thanks again for the advise
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