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Metrics Checker - No Proxy Found

I was just wondering what is the cause of the 'No Proxy Found' message in the log box for the metrics checker? e.g.

I have plenty of proxies and if I abort the metrics checker and start it again with the same proxies, it starts off running fine.


  • SvenSven
    1st just anonymous proxies are used here. However I guess you still have enough of them.
    2nd all proxies are used unless the failer rate is bigger than the success rate with it.

    Howe long did it run? Still the same after a restart?
  • Sounds like the failure rate might be it, are these proxies its failing to connect to or failing to get the Majestic data?.  If I keep increasing the threads say from 50 to 200 the No Proxy Found responses seems to occur quicker.

    If there is a failure is that proxy removed for the pool of proxies the Metrics checker uses?

    After a restart it can run for about the same amount of time.
  • SvenSven
    Well yes, they are removed from the internal list of proxies to use. However I might add some stuff to auto-recover from the "no Proxy found" issue.
  • That would be great thanks.  I did another test. 

    If I have a single private proxy and I use 1 thread in the Metrics Checker, then it checks the first and responds with No Proxy for the rest.


    Same if I use 10 proxies with 10 threads.
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