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Using anchor text in sequence

edited November 2015 in Feature Requests

Will it be possible to add an option to use anchor text in sequence? for example if i have 10 anchor texts and i need to submit 10 links each of the links will have one anchor text?


  • SvenSven
    But not every submission ends up in a verified link. So this number will not be accurate. Also it would be a bit unnatural anyway. I think the random pick from the list is the best thing you can get in terms of SEO and being natural.
  • Like Sven said you are better off randomizing anchors for appearances.
  • I do agree that randomly picking the anchor text looks more natural but sometimes when adding lots of anchors to a project not all of them get used when posting. So if there was an option to pick anchors in sequence (similar to selecting the urls in sequence ) while submitting there will be a better chance of all anchors in the project being used. Even if for example 10 links were submitted for one anchor and only 2 got verified, at least you'll have 2 links built for that anchor instead of 0.

    Even if anchors were used in sequence while submitting this doesn't mean that you'll end up with similar number of links for each anchor cause at the end some will not get verified or will get deleted. 

    I think this option will help to create projects with lots of related anchors instead of creating multiple similar project just with different anchors.
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