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Basic Question: Why 'remove duplicate domain'?

again, a newbie q: I dont understand the sense of 'remove duplicate domain' on the verfified folder..
i see that removing duplicate URLs avoids posting to the same property, but wouldnt removing dup. domains mean, that gsa cant post to more than one site of a domain? -> for example: i have tons of different user sites on one domain (web2, forum, ..) and would delete all of them but one!?!? 
and just a side-question: if i just use target lists in the identified folder, will gsa stop if it reaches the end, or loop back to the beginning?

again thanks for clarification, but for me there are still some question marks around this piece of software


  • SvenSven
    removing dupes is for one purpose only: save memory and have the lists better organized.
    If you remove dupe domains then yes, the submission to several urls per domain is not possible. But that possible only for a limited number of engines like Blog Comments.
  • hiobhiob vienna, Austria
    thanks sven,
    so, in short:  if i dont have a problem with memory (and i dont care too much about list organization:)) i could skip remove dup and squeeze some more submissions out?

  • eh, naw, remove them. No point in keeping dups.
  • @hiob it is better as your list grows to be dup free, especially if you are transferring the list to other tools. It saves on resources. One of the tricks to getting high end performance in seo is to be very organized. So, it won't hurt you now, but it is easier for you in the long run to use best practice from the beginning.
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