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check url before submission

couldnt find anything on the search although this question must have been asked severl times, couldnt locate it as well in the Manual ...

So since
check url before submission
makes the Indexer (and URL redirect Pro) insanely slow i am wondering which url is getting checked before submission,

it hardly can be the sites it would index / or 301 redirect them to???? cause that would be a cleaning of the overall database, which happens anyways with eatch update i suppose

the only thing which partly would make sense is if the to be submitted url still exists, before its getting submitted ....  but if that would be true the Indexer had to skip it, which he doesnt ... its just less sites he sends it to idex ...

so this really confuses me, any enlightment would be appreciated


  • SvenSven
    This function will check if the site you want to submit is actually alive (delivers content and with 200 as status code). Any slowdown on submission can not be from this function.
  • Well i have have 
    check url before submission
    checked it rougly submits to 
    60 sites with my other settings untouched ...

    if i uncheck
    check url before submission
    and leave all other settings the same it submits to
    220+ sites
    so this is really confusing me
  • SvenSven
    Im sorry, just had a closer look at all and it's really used on that check I have described.
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