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Exporting URLS

I'm sure its being asked before but I couldn't find the answer.

Running redirect pro and sent a bunch of my verified urls and set it to save at a specific location. Problem is each url's redirects appear in a separate folder plus the line about made with redirect pro. 

How do i combine these many text files and remove the redirect pro so that I can place the links back in ser and blast them to add juice?

Is there an easier with to take the redirects and put em in ser?

Happy thanksgiving for those in US. 



  • SvenSven
    You can use the links in SER when using a macro like %spinfolder-c:\files\%
    This will read all URLs from that folder and use it. The lines with no URL will be skipped.
  • Ok. I did this and unfortunately SER wont work because it considers the line made with gsa url pro line in each file to be a non-url. Any easy way around this? I so many files so manually deleting each header would be a real pain. Thx. 

  • SvenSven
    hmm OK I will fix that in SER.
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