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No engine match strange problem


Stuck in "no engine match" problem in GSA SER.
My actions:
1) Options > Advanced > Tools > Search Online for URLs > Joyful Note (for example)
2) GSA scrape with default footprint and identify platforms
3) got some links in "Identified" like "siteliest-Forum-Joyful Note"
New project (just test):
1) New>Where to Submit>Forum>Joyful Note (checked only this, others all unchecked)
Note: Joyful Note is "no keyword related target site"
2) URL:
3) Anchor Text : Site
4) Search Engine to use : Check none
Note: other setting is default
5) right mouse click on project> Import target URLs> From Site Lists > Identified > around 300 links
6) Start

Results: in 10 seconds get "no engine matches" for all links.

1) 300 links in 10 sec!? looks like GSA not even try to check/scrape pages for links. Disconnect win7 from
internet. Start again. Results:in 10 seconds get "no engine matches" for all links.
GSA not use internet for engine match. So look like it inside software match engine check.

Question: what algorithm for engine match?

2) tried to "play" with engine ini configuration. Different combinations. Result: nothing (same as above)
3) if i scrape via "GSA Tools" any "no keyword related target site" in Forum then
"Import target URLs" "From Site Links" is same: "no engine match" for all links.

Question: is engine ini configuration affect "engine match" for own GSA scraped identified site links?

It fine for me to edit engine script ini files to match sites that i need but GSA decline this sites
without ever try to check it via internet?

P.S. Already checked all "No engine match" problem via and via Google.


  • SvenSven
    Do you use any proxies for submission? Paste some log lines please.
  • 1) no proxies. just direct connection.
    2) tried different VPN connections to be sure it not IP problem.
    3) here is log
    4) Forum > Joyful Note (all list was scraped today via GSA Tools>Search online for URLs)
  • SvenSven
    hmm wait...maybe you used some link type options in project that would skip this engine? Make sure you have "Forum Post" enabled in project options->link type. Thats usually off by default.
  • ya, Sven, you're right. "Forum Post" enabled and all works.
    Maybe place note in FAQ or in docs about it or just simple note when "no engine match" warning?

    Thank you Sven.
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