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New Massive Private Blog Network - Over 300+ Sites - $0.06 For Permanent Posts - Samples



We are giving away (5) review copies with 100 blog posts each. We only ask that you have at least 50 posts on this forum. Please reply to this thread to reserve a sample order.

Again please feel free to PM or E-mail us at:

Skype: Atlas_Network


  • Would be interesting to try this out. Could I get a review copy mate.
  • Yeah, i am looking to for the review copy to try..
  • I sent an email yesterday (per your instructions), but did not get a response. I would be interested in testing this.
  • I'll throw in for a review copy too if available - your previous atlas network product did me proud.
  • Wanna test this on a site too . Let me know if I am in for a review
  • Hey Guys,

    I just sent out PMs. :D

  • Hey, James...thanks for getting back to us. I just responded to your PM.
  • Ya me too also responded to your PM.
  • do you have real esytate PBNs?
  • Can you please pm me some samples? Do I have to provide articles or do you use spun content?
  • Can you privide me the avg. TF and CF of your domain and spam score in MOZ? Thanks
  • Announcement! We are offering 20% on the next 3 orders. Please PM us to reserve yours or to see samples.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @JamesRoss - have you tested this with ranking parasites lately? If so, how many posts are you sending to a given parasite and how much movement are you seeing?
  • Could you pm me some samples
  • Hi Redrays,

    One parasite I use is Facebook. So far I've managed to get 2 of them to page 1 on google for very tough keywords. I highly recommend using facebook and youtube. I've seen success with rebelmouse as well.

    Hi Adrian,

    Your second order is done, I just PMed you. :D
  • Announcement! We are offering 20% on the next 2 orders. Please PM us to reserve yours or to see samples.
  • Announcement: We Are Now Open Again And Accepting New Orders.

    We still have 20% off coupons left, please leave a message here to reserve yours.
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