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Problem with long wiki links with spaces/characters

edited November 2015 in Bugs
Hello I am having a bit of a problem with some wiki posts posting long urls.. sometimes gsa ser will post the link whereby some of the url is posted but most will be used as an anchor text.

What I think this is caused by is if the url has a space in it or a character the wiki platform doesnt like.

Because I use variables in my urls and gsa ser macros for example: %keyword% %keyword%

this can break the wiki links

so most of my keywords get shoved into the anchor text field instead.

Is there a option to let gsa ser modify the url so that it doesn't break such as changing invalid characters or spaces so that gsa ser can post the link?

What would be cool is may something like %modify-freely%                                    %modify-freely% in parts where you want gsa ser to be able to freely modify sections to fit the platform you are posting to and keep everything outside those tags will not change or something like that.

Thank you.


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