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Best Tier 1 Creation Tool?

edited November 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I primarily stick to PBNs for tier 1. But I want to run a small side project that's hosted on an extremely high authority site. It's not really worth using PBN assets for this project. I do not believe SEREngines is going to cut it, which I use primarily for tier 2.

What have you guys been using for tier 1 projects that's been working well outside of PBNs?


  • shaunshaun
    Used to use FCS Networker but moved over to Ranker X.
  • I'll check out Ranker X. I watched some videos on FCS Networker this morning and it looked like a pain in the ass to use with all the different steps.

    I don't want to come across as lazy, but there's simply not enough time in the day to micro manage everything on that level on a large scale. I'm trying to find something like SerEngines that actually works where all I need to do is setup a project and provide fresh content.
  • @shaun RankerX is acutally looking pretty good, I'm going to watch some review videos and try out the trial later. Do you know if there's a limit on the # of 2.0's you can create each month?
  • shaunshaun
    moobs FCS has gone down hill alot mate, canceled my sub about a week ago and moved everything over to Ranker X.

    Emm, in theory there is no limit with Ranker X. That being said though the number and quality of your proxies will play a factor in how many links you get. In addition to that you also get 20 free email accounts to use from them per day for projects but you can add your own too if you wish.

    The trial is definaly worth it, it got me hooked within a few hours. If you have not used any other web 2 submitter in the past few month then you may not fully appreciate how good the sucess rate of Ranker X actually is as you have nothing to compair it too but it is the highest success rate I have ever had.
  • I have also moved from FCS to RankerX
  • I am still using FCS. Couldn't be easier to use. Until I find a compelling reason to switch, I will stick with what is actually working for me.
  • RankerX ok when compare to Rankwyz and FCS least for me.

    but yet i am not satisfied yet :) ofc when compare rankerx wins.
  • Aged web 2.0s for me. I do T1s manually now so they are quality. 5 page web 2,0s with videos/images and no auth links (never understood why this is considered a good idea). Blast with SER, rank in a few weeks.

    I am going to try RX though, sounds good and I like to try new shiny things.
  • shaunshaun
    JudderMan anychance you could share a little on how you build a SER campeign under that? I am thinking of trying the same thing myself.
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