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Export verified links per project in different files

Hello everyone!

I got a new question about gsa ser.

I'm working on a link wheel setting and for that i need the verified links from my projects. I know that gsa exporting links from all projects into one single file but for my intentions i need one file for each project. Is this possible?

Thanks and best regards


  • SvenSven
    well what are you trying to do? Maybe it would be just easier to use %verified_url% and %verified_anchor_Text% as macros?
  • Hmm i dont think so...

    I want to create a main project and tier1, tier2 and tier 3 projects below the main.

    I would like to export the urls of each project in a separate textfile. Then i will use the exported url-files with multiple file-macros:

    Tier 1 uses url-file of main
    Tier 2 uses url-files of main AND tier 1
    Tier 3 uses url-files of main AND tier 2

    At the end there were a fully automated link wheel.

  • I dont want cross linking between tier 3 and 1. Also i dont want crosslinks to other projects. Thats why i think that verfied-url-macro does not work
  • SvenSven
    Why don't you use the tier option in projects directly?
  • ranktotopranktotop Germany
    edited November 2015
    Look at my previous post. I cant use this, because i need to use links from two different projects inside of each project. A) the main and project b) the previous tier project.

    The tier option in gsa let me take one other project for grabbing the links. But for a wheel i need two projects at least.
  • SvenSven
    edited November 2015
    you can create tiers who use more than one main project.
  • Oh my god...
    This is so embarrassing...
    Sorry for my thread, i hadnt seen this...

    Thank you very much for your replies. Now i can create the wheel :-)
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