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GSA Ser- where to get article titles ?

Gsae LupusGsae Lupus My room
edited November 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
add import from folder - Where to get Artcile title -?
1. first sentence in article
2. Folder(same file as article
3. File name from aritcle file
4. from file
5. Generate.

i have much question about this..,

2. what the meaning of (folder (same as artcile) ?? did file name .txt will be article titles?
3. File name from article file..meaning?
4. from file... meaning?
5. Generate... meaning? bcause when i generate 100 article is my GSA ser is not responding very longg..

thank you before


  • SvenSven
    2. if the article was in file article1.txt and ou shoose a folder for titles, then it will take article1.text from the title folder and read in from there.
    3. if the file is called "GSA_SER_is_a_SEO_tool.txt" then the title will be "GSA SER is a SEO tool".
    4. A single file with all titles in it that will be used for all articles
    5. A title is generated or a macro is used that will generate a title based on anchor texts.
  • @Sven
    thank you so much..,
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