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SERengines and web20 automated account creation

Signed on to SERengines a few weeks ago after watching a video describing how it not only creates Web20 accounts, but deletes initial posts, picks random themes, and puts up an avatar...Apparently it does none of this anymore...

Ive tried FCS Networker and that seems to do ok, but it frequently fails and the end result when successfull is a barebones, unaltered, vanilla account that often dies quickly.  I was really looking for the avatar/theme options or at least a bit of customization to help accounts stick a little better.  Either that or an account creator that can make substantially more accounts than FCS to combat the low percentages of surviving accounts.

Anyone recommend such a web20 creator?  or a method im not thinking of via GSA?  Id be happy with 4 or 5 solid web2 engines if I could get a little consistency.

thanks alot


  • am creating web 2 engines now they reached 10 ,,, when i finish 30 or more i will put them on sale and pm u

    creating 2 new engines daily
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