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Download Failed (Return: -)

Hi, I am using private proxies and HMA vpn. In the message box virtually all of my projects I am receiving a message "download failed (Return:  -)"
Can anybody please help me resolve this problem.
Kind Regards
Mark McCabe


  • SvenSven
    HMA does not allow SEO tools. Also I see using a VPN and proxy a bit too much.
  • I've only just started using HMA, I was receiving the same messages before, thats why I purchased it! Is there anything I can do to stop  receiving these messages?

  • SvenSven
    Well check that the site is really up. Then check proxies, maybe higher timeout.
  • I'm not sure if the filter options check and bypass sites prior to trying to post, but if not your maximum size of website to download may be low. 15-20mb should be good for large websites just in case.
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