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For what was the GSA Ser update for ?

GSA ser and Gsa Captcha Braker updated can any one tell me why was that for ?


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    10.21 - new: improved some engines/bug fixing
          - fix: some bugs in form extraction fixed
          - fix: bug with empty url for extra-step
    for future reference

    you can always check right corner of this forum  "ChangeLog [SER CB URP]"

    or you can check within SER after updating by clicking "Help > Version History"

  • nice question and nice answer.., very helping
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    GSA is honestly one of the most well supported programs I have ever used. Usually you're lucky to receive a couple updates with minor fixes a year, but the GSA team does provides that every week!

    You can also check the patch notes by clicking help in GSA and going down to view version history.
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