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edited November 2015 in Need Help
States 3 hours activation, purchased capatcha package and proxies, now waited more than 16 hours no login supplied.
Sent email to support and used support form AND used skype still no reply P*ssed off. Why state 3 hours response time if you dont reply it just bad for business No?

Also hes advertising on the forum with a banner and linked from the software... please activate asap.
Transaction ID: 41F41742N9184072M
Transaction ID: 5BR2015787839374W


  • I moved away from this service.
    proxies are okay but they have very very slow support (if proxies go down they will take long time to fix, keep this in mind)....

  • what proxies are you using?? cheers.
  • Update requested refund from paypal... Loss of confidence in seller
    Genuine good proxy service required
  • Still No Proxies deliverd :((
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I sent him a PM, but I see he hasn't logged into the forum since Nov 16th so I'm not sure what's going on. The holidays are always pretty crazy so we'll see what happens. 
  • Meanwhile my network is dying! Gosh...
  • Hes got time to turn off the service i paid for and states refunded order butt no refund. I just want to use the sevice, the cpatcha breaker was working. Now its not 50* error bad gateway now. Never got the proxies! Its just bad service! pissed off, not about the money just pissed off.
  • Just like my situation. I send him a support ticket when waiting for more than a day to get login details. After (2 days after I sent support ticket) ,I got a response from him that my order have processed and said he apologized for the delay because he was in hospital.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Check my proxies out ( have over 150 GSA SER users using them, including some big names (which I will refrain from listing).

    Also, we will be introducing our OCR service soon that can solve all kinds of recaptchas, even noCaptcha, with very high success.
  • ok been refunded, would have preferd to use the service but there you go! an email with an explanation would have been nice mabey. No one can raise an issue with someone who has been in hospital i guess?? so get well soon
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