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Search Engine Ranker for submitting to existing Wordpress Accounts

ranktotopranktotop Germany
edited November 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello guys. 
I'm really satisfied by GSA SER.

Currently i'm searching for an alternative to FCS Networker. The Ban rate there is really high. In an older thread in this forum i found a question for using gsa ser to submit articles to existing accounts. 

Is this still possible? If yes, where can i import existing wordpress account data?
Could you please explain how to do this?


  • I think this is what you are talking about:

    In the main settings area for a project just need to scroll down a little and uncheck randomize. Then enter your credentials.  
  • ranktotopranktotop Germany
    edited November 2015
    Thank you for your reply!
    Then its not possible to submit an article to more than one wordpress account at once?

    What i want to do:

    1. Import some existing Accounts.
    2. Set article(s) and keywords
    3. Post these article(s) to the imported Accounts.

    What i do not want:
    Create new wordpress accounts
  • edited November 2015
    "Then its not possible to submit an article to more than one wordpress account at once?"

    Honestly never played with that feature before. You might be able to use a ( , ) or ( ; ) to separate username/pass  for multiple accounts but not sure. Unless someone else is more knowledgeable with these features you may have to just play around with it.  Make sure to turn off search engines and remove any emails to prevent SER from trying to go search for more site/ create new accounts. You will have to import the wordpress list into the project directly + make sure to "clear target history" before loading list. 

  • ranktotopranktotop Germany
    edited November 2015
    Hmm confusing...

    Actually i can not even post a single article to a single wordpress-account. 

    If i check the engine "wordpress article", then i have to set email data or i'm getting an error message.
    When i input some mail data, then i can save. After that, right click on project -> modify -> import -> account data.
    When i try to start the project:

    01:06:47: [+] 1/2 matches engine Wordpress Article -
    01:06:47: [-] 1/2 registration failed ( -
    01:06:47: [+] 2/2 matches engine Wordpress Article -
    01:06:47: [+] 2/2 new URL -
    01:06:47: [-] 2/2 registration failed ( -

    The engine always tries to registrate a new Account

    If you want, you can test it by yourself. Here is an active wordpress account:
    Username: nowowabyr
    Password: ynANoROjUWE

    If i dont choose an engine below the "where to submit"-section, then i cant even add articles. Consequently GSA does nothing after starting:
    00:07:22: Starting project
    00:07:22: [ ] Loaded 1 URL from imported sites
    00:07:22: [-] 1/1 no engine matches -
  • Change the user pass....I don't think gsa ser will work the way you want it to. 
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List

    After you import your account data, play around with the settings in your project options like in the image above.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    edited November 2015
    Forgot to mention, your account data should also be in this format:


    Each account on a new line.

    So in the case of the one site you posted above, it should look like this.
  • hmm, nice idea

    i think i will create wordpress engine to post for manual created accounts and it ask u to enter the user and password in data edit window

  • ranktotopranktotop Germany
    edited November 2015
    I played around a little bit, but i ever got some errors. Finally i guess the existing engines cant handle this.

    Mashafeeq, if you do so, please let me know.
    That would be awesome :-)

    Thanks for all replies. If anyone got additional ideas, let me know
  • @ranktotop

    Since you used FCS Networker for your tier 1, have you been able to try alternatives? Recently, I try RankerX for tier 1 and then GSA to blast the tier 1 links with great success.
  • ranktotopranktotop Germany
    edited November 2015
    I tried money robot, magic submitter and zsubmitter. The first two are not able to fully manage existing web 2.0 accounts. Zsubmitter not even started. I just want to control imported accounts like fcs networker does it, but without the high ban rate ^^

    Is this possible with rankerx?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    edited November 2015
    If importing account data like I mentioned above is not working, the wordpress web 2.0 engine needs to be updated. I'm sure the login process, etc.. is different now than when that script was written.
  • You can do this with

    I think, I was reading the manual yesterday, you can build a ton of spun content and post to your own wp sites. 
  • ranktotopranktotop Germany
    edited November 2015
    the tool looks very great. So great, that i bought it directly...

    And now....
    ChimpRewriter doesnt work -.-

    When i try to submit to wordpress i get the error "blablabla/xmlrpc.php - Method not allowed".
    Can it really be so hard?
    ...the developing of working article-submitters?
  • Trevor_Bandura

    Now it works with GSA!

    The Key was really the shedule settings :-)

    Thank you very much!
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    edited November 2015
    I've just posted with SER to my manually created blogs and it works fine. I have both Article>wordpress article and Web2.0> engines checked and no search engine selected. Also I use the Custom Mode to post to double check the articles submitted. These are my settings:

    I haven't tested otherwise but I post from the same IP as I created the blogs from. This was suggested to me some time ago when I was playing around ScrapeBox's Premium Article Scraper Plugin. This plugin can post to Wordpress and Tumblr accounts besides scraping articles.
    You may have a look a Seo Content Machine as it also supports some blogs to post to. But it is bit of a pain to manage the blogs with it TBH.
  • Thanks Gypsy!

    Does anyone knows what the popup "post status" means?
    It appears direct after starting the submission

  • My guess is it is for selecting if you want to post the article now or schedule it for a later time. In SER there is nothing in the popup upon posting just need to click ok if you use Custom Mode. 
  • @ranktotop

    Yes, RankerX can do all the stuff like FCS Networker but with much higher success rates and quality and quantity of sites. I've tried all other software like Senuke, Magic Submitter, RankWyz, FCS Network. But to be honest this new kid blows these old men out of water.
  • @TheGypsy

    The Popup "Post status" appears too when i disable custom mode. 
    The Submission is successfull if i click okay then, but when i dont click the button, the submission will be stopped.

    GSA log:
    11:21:23: [+] 001 possible new Target URLs from present accounts.
    11:21:31: [+] 1/3 matches engine Wordpress Article -
    11:21:31: [+] 1/3 login successful -
    11:21:31: [-] 1/3 unable to fill field "post_status"
    11:21:31: [+] 001 possible new Target URLs from present accounts.

    Is it possible to make this field pre-filled?
  • SvenSven
    well turn on the option to ask for fields that can not be filled (it's SKIP / CHOOSE RANDOM now). Make it "ASK USER".
  • Uhm okay. Then i have to activate "ask user" although i dont want to get asked?
  • If I guess right if you click to Choose Random then SER will post without problem and without asking you.

    Upon Wordpress posting two pop up window comes up asking to choose options from a drop down menu. As there aren't any other options to choose from there -at least for me- SER will choose the default option. 
  • ranktotopranktotop Germany
    edited November 2015
    TheGypsy, with "random" it works :-)

    But now i got another problem.

    When i start the project, then the first post works great, but then gsa tries to post to the new generated article instead to the originally imported target-url and gets a invalid login error:

    17:58:25: Starting project
    17:58:25: [ ] Loaded 1 URL from imported sites
    17:58:25: [+] 001 possible new Target URLs from present accounts.
    17:58:29: [+] 1/1 matches engine Wordpress Article -
    17:58:29: [+] 1/1 login successful -
    17:58:30: [+] 001 possible new Target URLs from present accounts.
    17:58:30: [-] 1/1 login failed (<strong>error</strong>: invalid email or username.) -
    17:58:31: [+] 001 possible new Target URLs from present accounts.

    Can i set the target-url (root domain) to be fixed? So that GSA will only post to the originally url (e.g:

    And is there a way to show all imported accounts from the project?

    Thanks for your time guys :-)

    No i cleaned up all target urls (cache/history) and account-data. But when i start the project it still tries posting to the above url. I think GSA tries to post to the verified urls. But where this can be disabled?
  • It does that to me as well but I don't know why and I haven't bothered @Sven about it, yet.

    As for the other question. There is a way to export account data from SER: Right click on project Modify Project> Export > Account Data
  • Hm okay. When i export the accounts, the data looks okay to me...

    Then i have to wait for further answers ^^

    Thank you gypsy!
  • @ranktotop
    worked fine for me  you have to append the url with /xmlrpc.php

  • @cheaptricks, i tried it, but no change...

    Now i deleted the project and  created a new one.

    I used the same settings (restored from exported file). This time the project removes the target site after the first submission. Then gsa ser does nothing (log: attention there are no target urls to post to...)

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